Why is it worth to have your big Wedding Affair in Italy

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In this post we talk about everything you can find in Italy if you decide to have your destination wedding here.

My Wedding Affair is pleased to host a Post by Kristina Sakalalauske, blogger at Bride Goes Wild. Kristina is a very talented Blogger, and she traveled for half of Europe, to work in the wedding.

From the beginning we have created a wonderful partnership between Italy/UK, that makes us dream more and more…

In this post we see the the reason to get married in Italy, from the point of view of a foreigner!

I could not have used better words.

I leave you to the post…


Ohhhh, Viva l’Italia! I have been in this country twice already.

 And I want to come back once again!

Well, to be honest I visited many countries but haven’t seen anything like Italy.


Of course, everybody knows that this country is rich in natural and cultural treasures, but…what is so exceptional about it anyway?


I mean, while one can find amazing beaches in Bahamas, breathtaking landscapes in Arizona (USA) and places literally stuffed with history and full of heritage like Greece,


Italy still remains one of the most popular places for destination weddings.

So there must be a good reason WHY

Well… where should I start?

It is cloudy today again in busy London… and… being originally from cold and rainy Lithuania, I guess that one of the main things why future brides and grooms fall in love with beautiful and historically rich Italy is… the mild climate!

The Climate

I mean, Italians are so lucky to have a year round good weather.

So you don’t need to stick to summer dates only! For example, December is one of the coldest time of the year in Rome, but average temperature is about 10°C and you can still enjoy sunshine.

Well, I can agree that warm, sunny day is not a necessity for wedding. At least, not for all couples… But the majority still prefers warm weather.

   Si or no?

In addition, here you will find friendly, positive and always smiling local people (not so much common behavior for British or Lithuanians though…) as well as pocket friendly prices, (I know that we can start a debate here but I still think that transportation costs and prices for sightseeings are a bit lower in Italy, especially when you compare with the UK, Switzerland or Paris).

The Logiastic

Also the logistics is perfect, particularly for European couples.

⚜️With 30+ international airports,

⚜️ a lot of train stations

⚜️ extensive motorway network,

it is obvious that you and your guests can easily travel from and to this amazing country.

The History

Moreover, there is no better place to find history and culture so packed in one area.

Such an amazing way to enrich your Big day with history and culture!

Do you know that even in Rome itself you would need months to explore and see everything this magical city has to offer??

What about Florence – the birthplace of the Renaissance? Umm, what about Venice, Bologna or Siena – old cities full of art and history?

And thanks to the stunning architecture, you even don’t need to go to the museums because whole cities are like open-air museums.


Well, Italy is the first country for number of UNESCO world heritage sites (53) followed by China (52) though the latter is much bigger than


Bella Italia” (how many Italians love to call their country)

So you can literally have your wedding in archaeological site (by the way, I’ve heard that this approach is quite trendy at the moment)!

Can you imagine the photos of you and your the most loved one on the street which has survived more than 2000 years?..


Anyway, magnificent Italy is so rich in EVERYTHING, that EVERYONE can find places to satisfy their needs for a wedding.


Of course you can find mountains in France or Switzerland and amazing beaches in Spain or Croatia, yet the good thing about Italy is that you could find both… snow in the mountains and sunny beaches (and great history/arts) in the same relatively small space.

Amazing landscapes for your pictures are guaranteed!

I almost forget to mention that Italy is very vibrant country, I mean,talking about colours!

(imagine vivid colours of houses of Venice).

You have clear blue sky + a lot of yellows, oranges and reds.

Ufff…. Such an explosive shot of energy!

Wedding Venue

On the other hand, if you want, you can find a calmer looking venue for your celebration.

Imagine 16th or even 14th century castle or country house, with spectacular views around and the most important, not that far away from big cities with amazing artistic heritage and perfect transportation service!

There are loads of stunning examples of  classical architecture all around this amazing country.

Well, why not to choose one of the elegant villas near spectacular Lake Como for example?

 The Food

And the best part is Italian food!


Fresh tomatoes, basil, capers, olives, truffles, eggplants, artichokes, zucchini, pistachios, almonds, grapes, oranges, lemons and more – not to mention all the seafood fished right off sea nearby… And heavenly tiramisu or gelato (Italian ice cream)!

That’s all, I am hungry now… 

Also, as about everything else, there is a huge variety about the food so even the most fussy future newlyweds can find what they want.

There are so many different kinds of Vine, cheese and cold cut meats that you can even have a unique wedding just about the food, ha ha!


Your wedding reception will be filled with different flavors!


Moreover, food in every region of Italy differs a lot!

If you want something really hot (spicy) for your important day, you should go to Calabria (Southern Italy). They use a lot of chili peppers!

If you are aiming to have the best possible sea food for you wedding, consider visiting Sicily or Sardinia.

By the way, if we would talk about the latter, people are still growing a lot of herbs in their gardens in small vilages and use them as fresh spices (and even as medicines to heal different deceases).

Anyway, I once heard a person saying, that


“Italy could be called the smaller version of the world”.


There still are shepherds in Sardinia just like in New Zealand; spicy Calabria could remind you hot Mexico; and then you have famous Milan which is known very well between fashion people as well as three other global fashion capitals: New York, Paris and London. And etc., etc., etc.


Well, in general Italy was and still is about art, style, beauty, love (remember the story of Romeo and Juliet?) and passion (for many different things!).

And you simply can not ignore the fact that the weather is amazing! What else do you need?


Just let the romantic aura of this amazing country to do its job!

We hope this post has been useful to you, and we hope Italy will win you over…

We send a hug for you…

AnnaMaria & Kristina


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Author: Kristina Sakalalauske, blogger at Bride Goes Wild

ph: Joanne Dunn