Wedding Party

What if your Wedding Party merged with a Show?

Mar. 02

I’ll tell you “A Night on Broadway”, the “Dinner Show Event” by the famous Italian Flower Designer Federica Ambrosini.




Monday requires you to sit back down and write, write to tell you what I did last Friday night.


Have a cup of tea, a detox tea or even a very good coffee with skim milk on the side and come with me.


First of all, for those who don’t know me, I have a preamble…


Unlike what people think about wedding planners; I’m not a person who likes to be in the foreground.


My attitude is more studying, traveling, and experimenting, exploring new moods and new trends…

but this is another matter…


I’m not what you might call the “star of the show” but I like to be the director who is behind the scenes and directs everything, without appearing too much…


I’ll tell you a secret… I’m the “Phantom of the Opera…” 




Last Friday, however, I took part in an extraordinary social event, and despite my initial “go or no go”, I’m happy to have decided to go.

(for this I thank my husband and my marketer Ines Pesce, dispenser of wisdom)


Wedding Party


Friday, February 28, 2020, took place in Rome at the  St. Regis Hotel, the “dinner event” organized by the Flower Designer Federica Ambrosini.


“A night on Broadway” and I can assure you that Broadway was right there at the St Regis in Rome.


This was a wonderful occasion, where Italian wedding professionals met; we had the chance to meet new people, meet old friends, lay the foundations for new collaborations.


This is a fundamental step for us, operators in the sector of wedding, that are committed to offer our couples, always different and innovative solutions.


The sharing of experiences, the contamination of ideas and the widespread knowledge of resources that our country makes available to those who decide to Get Married in Italy, becomes the trump card for every excellent wedding professional.


The format presented by Federica Ambrosini was really amazing, an event that offers a new point of view in terms of contamination, a fusion between dinner and show.


Actually, her provocation, wants to suggest a fusion between Wedding Party and Show.


A New Trend, aimed at an audience of brave people, who imagine their wedding as a real show.


As soon as I entered, I had a wild eye shot, velvet and sequins were protagonists, and then immediately evident the beautiful Flower Wall made by Federica Ambrosini,

a peacock tail with bold and wonderful color combinations that made it special.


Bubbles and finger food to welcome the guests!


At a certain point, to announce the opening of the “Ritz Room”, where the dinner would be served, a wonderful a cappella choir started the show.


It was clear to everyone that it was not going to be an evening like so many others; the strong and imposing imprint in wanting to make a show in full swing was clear.


When the doors of the hall opened, a scenography that left me speechless, everything taken care of in every detail, with wisdom, experience and good taste; it exceeded all my expectations

(which were already very high, having followed previous events of this fantastic artist).


I confess, I would have liked to do some “cutting and sewing” with you, but I have nothing to gossip about…


When the idea materializes and becomes emotion, you just have to enjoy the moment, there is no room to say more.


The dinner was a succession of surprises, a show that held a very high level, from beginning to end, a very talented company.

There were eccentric masks, moving paper flowers that welcomed and intrigued the guests.



Wedding Party

The show:

five musical suites, with 6 dancers, 4 singers, an acrobat and the perfect coordination of a very good choreographer and director.


All to pay tribute to the majestic Broadway Shows.


An international atmosphere, re-proposed with great skill.


One of the things I appreciated the most, was the fact that Federica and her team, gave space to talented young people, they bet on fresh and creative people and this in my opinion was an undisputed victory.


Looking for talent, understanding them, and letting them express themselves; is something that only strong, far-sighted people can do.


This is the creative Italy that when it moves,

creates trends, innovation, and makes people dream.


There are always new talents to discover, unexplored combinations to approach and frontiers of taste to overcome.


To build such a wind comes into play:


⚜️ Organization

⚜️ Audacity,

⚜️ Study,

⚜️ Know-How of the territory and resources

a pinch of madness and tastefulness; I mean, excellence comes into play.


Personally I have drawn great inspiration from this event, it has given me topics to reflect on, ideas to develop and emotions that I would like to bring back to you who are reading.


Are you imagining your Wedding Show in Italy?


I guess so…

If you’re thinking that organizing an event like this is difficult, my answer is:  absolutely yes.

If you are thinking that it would be impossible for you, my answer is:  No, it is possible.

All you need to do, is find the right professional for you, who will help you to do it.




Walt Disney said:  “if you can dream it, you can do it”




I’ll hug you for now, and wait you at the next article.

Anna Maria



ps: if you want to talk about your Wedding Show in Italy write me, I will be happy to answer your questions.