Wedding Dress 2021, Designers Proposals

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The Wedding Dress, the most important choice for all the Brides in the world.


This article is addressed to all Women, future brides 2021, who during the quarantine have gone through a million moods.

After analyzing the chances of success, after a period of uncertainties, anxieties and unanswered questions;

You have chosen the date of your marriage, and You will marry in 2021.

(and I’m proud of you)

In this article, I will try to show you the bridal trends for next year.

I will certainly not be able to report every single proposal of all the designers (have you any idea how vast the offer is?).

but, I will try to draw a “map” for you, to have an overview and to know what to expect and how to move in the magical world of wedding dresses.


I decided to make this map for you, because when I got married 12 years ago, I wanted someone to prepare me for what I could expect in the atelier.


I had seen so many models of wedding dresses in bridal magazines, but the truth was that when I went to Altelier I didn’t know what to expect. I felt confused at first, I didn’t know how to move, what to ask for, etc.


When a bride of mine decide to buy her wedding dress in Italy or even better, make an exclusive dress from an Italian designer,

I always analyze first with her how you want to feel the wedding day (I never ask what kind of dress she wants, a bride never knows for sure what kind of dress she wants, that’s the designer’s job and mine to understand and please her).


We start from this mood, looking for the designer who could best represent her.

In this way she knows what to expect, when she arrives in the atelier, we talk about it at length and in detail.

I always talk first with the designer, to whom I already introduce the client who will be in front. In this way the meeting will be very fluid and bride and stylist will immediately get in tune. I find this very important both for the bride and the designer (I love it when everyone understands each other and there is serenity around us).


Now let’s go back to our wedding dress 2021 and the proposals of the designers!


Many brands have opted for clean lines and structured clothes, 2021 is the year of




Present in the 2021 collections we find the Petticoat Dress, fine silk and cuts that accompany the body lines.

A choice that may seem “very conventional” as we are talking about a model of dress, proposed over the years, by different designers.

I invite you to analyze the fabrics used, the stylistic tricks of the accessories and the details used by the maisons, that propose it; as for example Savannah Miller that accompanies the dress with a beautiful slipped cape.

The Puffy Sleeves are certainly a bold choice, not for all of them; they certainly give a modern mood but with a reference to the past.


The designers have revisited them, often matching them with mermaid cut dresses “using” them to create surprising volumes and harmonies.



The Plissé has peeped out in some collections, such as that of Pronovias.
It slims the figure, is synonymous with lightness and refined style.

The pleating, was used since ancient Egypt for the dresses of the queens because it is intended as a precious workmanship.

Surely the first reference, to our memory, of the use of this technique of fabric processing, goes to the famous pleated skirt of the white dress of Marilyn Monroe, undisputed style icon.


A game of volumes, not only puffed sleeves, but also ruffles, light capes, hoods and drapes and lace. Games of emptiness and fullness, study of proportions and geometries with a single purpose, that of enhancing the beauty of women, future brides.


Even the Short Dress finds its place in the stylistic proposals of Wedding Dresses 2021.

Directly from the fashion of the 60s and 70s, but totally redesigned, here it appears in the new collections.

An original choice, certainly outside the schemes to which we have become accustomed in the last 40 years.

Practical, chic, original and above all reusable!!

The short dress in fact, can be easily reusable for other occasions, if combined with the right accessories.


This year has been a keystone for the conception of the world as we have perceived it so far, we have “discovered” the smart working, we have enhanced online shopping, we have been confronted with a daily home to which we were not accustomed.


We learned to visit places in a virtual way, perhaps this helped us to make a leap into the future as a shock therapy.

The bridal brands, have certainly not been watching passively this great revolution.

The Bridal week in Barcelona we will experience it as a virtual event, thanks to a new digital and interactive platform downloadable with the VBBFW app.

This will allow us to realize fashion shows in a virtual event to which we can all connect in real time.

SI SposaItalia Collezioni, an event dedicated to the bridal and wedding sector, will be held in Milan at Fieramilanocity.


The organizers have created a real “protocol for the containment of corona virus spread”, an important step for the reopening of the exhibition sector, together with the utmost attention to innovation of methods and safety.


Also for this new edition of the Italian event, we will have the launch of a new digital platform dedicated to exhibitors, visitors, buyers and the entire chain of the Wedding category.


We can say that the choice of your Wedding Dress, will certainly be a version 4.0!


You will have the opportunity to attend the fashion shows, interact with the brands and arrive at the most exciting moment, the Atelier rehearsals very well prepared and with a precise idea of what you can find.

In this new digital dimension, in which we learn every day more and more to meet and interact with the whole world, will certainly not be left in the background the emotion and beauty of going to the Atelier to try on wedding dresses.

A tumult of emotions, expectations and magic … also because you remember


The dress must be worn in order to choose it!!


If this article has been useful to you and you think it could be useful for other brides who are looking for information and curiosity, feel free to share it.

Always remember “the real secret of success lies in the people around you alone”.

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I hug you

Anna Maria 


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