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Ceremony in Italy

For your Wedding Ceremony in Italy you can choose the rite that most represents you, respecting your needs and traditions.

I will be happy to help and support you in choosing, the most suitable wedding ceremony for you and in dispatch the bureaucratic procedures.

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Wedding ceremony

Symbolic Wedding Ceremony

The symbolic wedding ceremony is suitable for couples who prefer not to worry about the documents to be filled out for the civil or religious ceremony.

This is a completely customizable ceremony, according to your values and beliefs.

The rite for this type of ceremony is tailored to the needs of the couple.

The rite can be celebrated by an officiant, a family member, a friend or a pastor.

Personal wedding vows, speeches by friends and relatives, readings of texts, important for the spouses; pagan or religious elements, can be include into this rite.

Simbolic Ceremony

Catholic Wedding Ceremony

The Church ceremony, for the Catholic faithful, is certainly the first choice.

The Catholic Wedding Ceremony is evocative and exciting.

In Italy there are some of the most beautiful and ancient churches in the world; for this reason, surely your Catholic wedding will be celebrated in a splendid church.

In order to be able to have a Catholic Wedding in Italy, it is necessary to satisfy some specific requirements required by the Catholic Church:

  • Provide Certificate of Baptism and Confirmation.
  • Having the permission of your Bishop.
  • Attend the pre-cana class.

The documents must be issued within 6 months before the marriage and must be presented to the curia in Italy at least 2 months before the wedding.

Catholic Wedding

Civil Wedding Ceremony

Civil Wedding Ceremonies are performed by the Italian authorities and are legally recognised in your country.

The civil wedding ceremony must take place in structures approved by the Italian Government, so you can choose between beautiful Communal Halls or even locations or outdoor places, recognized as “municipal house” and therefore authorized by the Italian State.

The ceremony takes place with the alternation of reading articles of the Italian Civil Code, traditional vows and can be customized according to your wishes.

In Italy you can find a wide variety of places where you can celebrate your civil wedding ceremony, from the majestic communal halls in the big cities (such as the “Sala Rossa” of the Campidoglio in Rome), small jewels scattered in small towns throughout Italy; but also Villas, Castles, Terraces on the sea.

I can help you find the perfect setting for your civil wedding ceremony.

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Wedding Civil

Jewish Wedding Ceremony

Jewish marriages Ceremony, can be celebrated in Synagogues or in a place important and special for you.

You can choose among the different options located throughout the Italian peninsula.

In the orthodox communities in Italy, the same rules apply as in your country.

You will find the largest communities in major Italian cities such as Rome, Naples, Florence, Venice and Trieste.

For the bureaucratic process, you will have to ask your Rabbi for the necessary documents and then, submit them to the Rabbi in Italy.

Wedding Jewish

Protestant Wedding Ceremony

The Protestant wedding ceremony includes the participation of the guests and includes a rite of welcome, reading some passages of the Bible, the declaration of will of the spouses, the exchange of vows and faiths, to conclude with the blessing.

This rite can be celebrated in one of the beautiful Protestant Churches that you will find in the main Italian cities such as Rome, Naples, Venice and Florence.

The Protestant wedding rite does not necessarily have to be celebrated in a church but it can be celebrated quietly in a suggestive place chosen by you, without any particular constraints.

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Wedding Protestant