Story about the Birth of an Italian Wedding Planner

Dic. 03

It was November 2010, when two friends asked me to organize their wedding …

From the United States to Ravello, it was a moment!!


They wanted their magnificent and elegant #weddinginitaly.

I had made so many events before, but never weddings…

At first I was so scared; I was afraid I wasn’t up to it, afraid to disappoint them.


But, when I started to

develop their idea,

 plan each detail of the event,

➤ when I started to apply that, which over the years, would become my method…


I felt so proud !!


In May 2011 we spent 3 days together in the beautiful Amalfi Coast and we had a great time together.

⚜️ We met all the suppliers,

⚜️ We saw the sketches live,

⚜️ Did all the tests.


I was as happy as I had never been.


The fear I had at the beginning, was only a distant memory and had given way to happiness and excitement.

In September, the wedding day arrived, there was great serenity, everyone knew what to do and how to do it,


it was a party all day and we had so much fun.

I do not deny, that I was agitated and it was very tiring, but the happiness I had in my heart, did not make me feel tired and left anxiety in a corner.

This is how my long journey began,

that day I decided that I would do a job that would make people and me happy.



a hug for you