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I’m talking about me

Wedding planner in Italy AnnaMaria

I love organizing, managing and planning, I feel at ease when everything is under control and the gears fit perfectly together.

This has been my attitude since I was a child, my parents and my historical friends tell it.

The studies of foreign languages, have taught me to look at life from different angles, as are the different peoples and cultures that distinguish them.

Living as a student abroad and travelling, have enhanced this awareness of diversity of tastes, traditions and uses in different cultures, and that, when they mix make the world a place full of wonderful nuances.

Organized and eclectic training, Wedding Planner by Vocation.

I am Anna Maria,

founder and Executive Director of My Wedding affair.

In 2011 came the first Destination Wedding in Italy and in realizing it I felt really happy and I understood which was my way.

My path has led me more and more towards an organizational and managerial approach of events.

I am convinced that the success of a marriage starts from a precise and careful planning.

My Wedding Affair About
My team

My team is my strength,

I am very proud to work with excellent, creative and very human professionals.

I have chosen to have a team made up of specialists for each sector, so as to be able to assure my couples full and highly competent support for any request.

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My passion for planning has led me to study techniques and methodologies that allow me to have a structured approach to proceed in the organization without leaving any detail to chance and always keeping at the center of all my couple, their desires and high expectations.

To achieve excellent results, you must follow an excellent working method!

“Troubleshooting Method” is mine.

It’s a methodology that I have refined, studied and tested over time, allowing me to focus on the real needs of my spouses and simultaneously have a 360 degree view of the whole marriage right away.

It aims to give value to the time invested, maximize the budget and make the wedding planning path a pleasant and stress-free time.

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You think, We Plan, We realize

The simple things always work, I and my team believe strongly in this philosophy!

You think

At the heart of our work there are your desires, we strive every day to make them real and even bigger.
Everything starts from you, and from your vision that becomes ours!

We plan

We plan your project and make your thoughts real.
Here’s what we do!

  • We design the whole event
  • We calculate the costs
  • We select the best suppliers
  • We define the times and draw up a time line
  • We create the moog of the wedding
  • We design the sets and develop the emotional journey
  • and we also think about the well-being of your guests

Nothing is left to chance, planning is precision and accuracy.
Organizing a big event as a wedding abroad is complex, requires commitment, time and industry knowledge.

Thanks to our experience my team and I, can plan wedding in every little detail, without any problems.
Being able also, to count on the collaboration of a network of professionals specialists of every sector of the wedding, that we have known and tested in the time.

We can organize 2 or 3 special days of relaxing and fun in which you will meet the suppliers and do all the trials for the wedding, such as location, food, flowers, hairstyle, makeup, etc…

We will help you with the bureaucratic procedures to obtain the marriage license in Italy and to make your marriage valid, in your country.

We will make sure that your wedding is a wonderful experience for your guests as well. We can organize a “guest plan” that includes logistics planning.

Transportation for guests from Hotel to the Venue, and a from the Venue to the Hotel.
– Arranging wedding guest lodging.
– Arranging/suggesting activities for wedding guests in the days before and after the wedding.

The couples who come to me are very demanding, they want their wedding to be perfect for them and for their guests. For this reason, I provide a complete service that will ensure a stress-free wedding.

Differences in time zones will never be a problem. It is not uncommon for me to receive a message in the middle of the night or arrange a skype call at 5 am… Planning will be fluid and communications will be timely, without long waits.

I will be present at all meetings with suppliers to give you support and break down language barriers. I will do the inspections for you, documenting everything with photos and detailed descriptions.

I know what you’re feeling.

and for all other questions, We wait for you…


We realize

On the wedding day, my team and I will be there for you, and we would realize
what we planned together.

  • We will coordinate alla suppliers
  • We will drive respect for the time line
  • We will check every detail
  • We will menage the unexpected
  • We will take care of the well-being of your guests
  • We will dedicate ourselves to you and your needs, so you can have the perfect day you deserve

So, we realize your thought!

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