Why should you have a Wedding First Look

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In this article I will explain why, you should consider doing a First Look at your Wedding.

I’m not going to talk to you about the fact, that the FIRST LOOK becoming a trend in the wedding world.


I’m going to show you the emotional and practical advantages that you will have.

From my experience, I have to tell you that, when planning a wedding, you have to aim to make your dream come true, aspire to perfection and aim straight for the goal.

To do this, you must always be careful not to lose sight of a practical aspect and have a pragmatic and resolute attitude; this will avoid a lot of stress.

But now, come back to our first look.

Are you ready?…get comfortable

All brides imagine their wedding day in the smallest detail.

You have so many ideas, and you mix and reposition them in your mind, and in your planning diaries, countless times, until your wedding is unique and unparalleled.

I know, because you come to me, with real concept maps, Pinterest bulletin boards, to make everybody jealous.

You follow on Instagram, all the professionals, whose work meets your aesthetic standards.
Your goal is to tell your story that is unique and unrepeatable.

Am I right?

In short, you are an explosion of creativity and you study a lot.
That’s why I love brides and my work…always different ideas, always new challenges!

To honor your commitment, I want to make you think about the possibility of having a first look, I will talk about it both in a romantic and practical way.

First of all,

What is the Wedding First Look?

It is the moment when the bride and groom see each other for the first time alone, in intimacy.

There will be with you, just your photographer (and your wedding planner if you decide to have one and if you want her as support)  who will capture with shots the emotion of that moment.

It will be done before the celebration, whether you have a Civil, Religious or Symbolic Rite.

[if you want to know more about wedding rites, Click Here]

A moment, in my opinion, absolutely beautiful, that no couple should give up.

It is a moment of great intimacy, giving a deep, strong and authentic emotion.

The couples who decide to make the #weddingfirstlook, decide to give themselves a special moment, a privacy parenthesis; the rest of the world will see it through the photos.

[ an “invisible“ photographer will have taken. If he or her is good, you will not even feel the presence of Him|Her]


Couples who choose to have the first look, have always an expression in their eyes, which is difficult to describe, the emotion and wonder merge and make room for a magical and unrepeatable moment.

Being a dreamer but also a resolute and pragmatic person (as I told you above ⇡), I have to tell you that, in my experience, have the first look,  has a practical function.

Let’s see useful practical functions to consider:


A lot of people say that “seeing each other before marriage is bad because it takes away the magic”.

Magic is lived equally, but in a much less tense situation; without the guests’ eyes, with the free mind from having to remember things to do

(for example: if you walk down the aisle, you have to smile, keep up, coordinate with those who accompany you etc.)

In the #weddingfirstlook You are You, simply…

“A wedding is an intimate, emotional experience, and a first look means I can capture a couple together in that moment. Yes, walking down the aisle is emotional too, but you’re not together in those photographs.” cit. Cat Mayer



The practical function is that you arrive at the ceremony much more relaxed, with a light spirit, the tension drops and you enjoy everything from the beginning!!



The photos of the wedding procession come better, because there aren’t  faces full of tension, but only faces excited and smiling…

Talk to your photographer, decide together.



Remember that, the first look must be planned beforehand, to have a good time management, respect the time-line of the wedding and take the right times.

In weddings, planning and time management is essential, so that everything runs smoothly and without stress.

The time of the bride and groom is the priority, so that they enjoy their special day,but you must also have great respect for the needs of your guests.

TIP TO PLAN YOUR FIRST LOOK: consider 3 fundamental things:

1) Time:

take your time, a time dedicated only to you, not only to take the photo, but also to spend some time together alone.

Dedicate the right time within the time line of the event; to do this confront yourself with your photographer

so it will be a wonderful moment.

2) Intimacy:

an idea could be to invite witnesses, parents or close friends to the first look too, but, before formulating the invitation, think about it well because it is your moment to look at each other in silence and the presence of the others could break this understanding, obviously with the best intentions.
In this sense, keep an eye also on the photographer: you can ask him not to get too close to you or, in any case, after the photos, you can be absolutely alone.

3) The modalities:

ask your wedding planner for advice, or if you don’t have one, talk directly with the photographer
Imagine this moment as you would like it to happen, and share the idea with the professionals who help you in the realization of your project.

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• I hope I have given you one more option to make your wedding unique.

Write me if you want to know more about this topic, I will be happy to answer!!!


a hug

Anna Maria