Intimate wedding for destination wedding in Italy

Apr. 13

The intimate wedding is the new frontier of the national and international wedding.

Today we talk about intimate weddings, what are the advantages for the couple and how to organize a perfect intimate destination wedding in Italy.

As a consequence of the pandemic period that has affected us all, many couples who want to get married, are asking a lot of questions about how and when to plan their wedding, probably like you are doing.

Right now I’m getting requests for 2022 and even 2023 for weddings with few guests, but my clients are asking me for special attention to wellness and wow effect details.

I personally find them amazing, I love designing these kinds of weddings and I love planning them.

But let’s talk in detail about intimate weddings

What is an intimate wedding 

An intimate wedding has everything a standard wedding should have, just in a smaller box.

When we talk about intimate weddings we are referring to events with about 30 guests.

The advantages of this type of wedding, are really many, the focus on people is the center of everything.

Organize a micro wedding

I’ll give you some indication about the organization of an intimate wedding so as to give you an idea of how many opportunities you have, before you decide what kind of wedding you want.

Let’s start by saying that an intimate wedding is an exclusive event, a few selected people for a top and individual treatment.

But let’s see together some elements that characterize micro weddings.

Strategic invite list

Take a look at your contacts and invite the people you talk to the most, people you share your life with. An intimate wedding is made by the most important people in your life to whom you devote quality time.

Handwritten invitations

Having a few guests you can hire a calligrapher to write the invitations by hand. They are a very stylish detail and always appreciated. With a handwritten invitation you immediately let your guests know, how much care and attention you will give to each of them at this event.

Use the family home

You can use very special locations that can accommodate small weddings among them there are also historic houses and old family homes made available for events.

Create highly sought-after special arrangements.

Everything that surrounds the bride the groom and guests is super researched, not having to reason for large numbers of people you can afford very detailed arrangements and top quality. You can have fun with imperial tables or maxi round tables so that everyone is together and no one feels left out.

Gift and welcome box

A gift for your guests is always an act of kindness and consideration.

Whether you’re hosting a destination wedding, a weekend-long celebration or an intimate evening party, a welcome gift is the perfect idea.

You can put in the box, items that relate to your history or handmade items typical of the place you are hosting for your wedding (in Italy for example you can choose handmade items typical of the region you are hosting, if you are on the Amalfi Coast you can give small bottles of handmade Limoncello)

Invest in the photographer

Having indelible memories is very important, hire a photographer whose style you love, no that is able to tell the story of your wedding in detail. Always remember that a photographer is the one who sees of you are not looking. 

Details in space

A small wedding means giving prominence and importance to every detail.

Organize the space, everything is important; choose the fabrics, the plants and don’t forget the light design to enhance the beauty of your set up and the style you have chosen.

Use a handmade stationary.

Along with the invitations, which we have already talked about, also think about all the graphic coordination sa have a calligrapher write by hand. Menus, place cards and thank you cards,

Design a small cake

For the cake you can really let your imagination run wild by designing a beautiful cake, there are no boundaries to what you can make since it will be a small cake.

These are some elements you can take care of for your small wedding, but what if you decide to come to Italy to celebrate? 

Italy lends itself very well to destination weddings for many reasons; find out why getting married in italy HERE

Planning an intimate wedding in Italy is an ideal solution.

The pandemic has changed many of our plans, our habits and our lifestyles; but while it has taken so much away from us, it has also given us something like time to reflect on the things that really matter and we have begun to dedicate our time to the things that really matter to us. 

That’s why we have this amazing trend of intimate weddings, people are rediscovering the pleasure of getting together and give each other importance. 

How to organize in intimate wedding in Italy.

Let’s take a look at some of the positive aspects you will have, if you plan your intimate destination wedding in italy.

The Trip

Arrange a single plane trip for all guests so that once you arrive, there will be a transfer ready and waiting to take you to the place where you will stay.

So it will be very comfortable and extremely economical for everyone.

Wedding Venue

Many locations in Italy can also accommodate the bride and groom and their guests for their stay, so as to make everything very pleasant and easy to move. 

An example that is particularly close to my heart is Sexantio, an example of a diffused hotel. You can stay in a charming Italian village and enjoy the celebrations.

Or you can choose a beachfront Villa as La Posta Vecchia near Rome.

As for the wedding sells, you just have to choose the landscape you want, certainly you will find the solution that best suits your needs. 

Made in italy craftsmanship

If you want to amaze everyone, even yourself, you can commission all the details of the stationary, the welcome box and the details of the setting to Italian artisans who will create for you unique details of the true made in Italy of high quality.

Combine party and travel

Once flown to Italy why not stay a little longer and take some time to visit the country?

Being few people you can think of moving together, and prolong the pleasure of the wedding party in the following days. For the organization of the tour you will certainly find Italian travel agencies that will advise you for the best.

Also your Italian wedding planner will certainly know how to guide you also in this aspect of the organization.

The weather

Everyone knows that in Italy the climate is perfect! You can organize your wedding at any time of year, we will always find the best solution for you.

Getting married in Italy is a magnificent experience, full of surprises and exciting from start to finish.

You may think I’m biased because I’m Italian but I really love italy and weddings! 

Organizing an intimate wedding in Italy will be great!

If you noticed I didn’t mention food in the list of amazing things you can find in Italy, I did it on purpose. Food is an excellence of this country and everyone in the world knows it, but I don’t want to fall into clichés because Italy is much more than a plate of pasta. 

I hope this post has been useful to you and I’m ready to answer your questions and research for you perfect solutions and suppliers suitable for your needs.

In addition to organizing your wedding in Italy, I can support you as a Wedding Concierge if you choose to organize your own wedding. 

I hope see you soon!