Get Married in Italy: don’t stop dreaming about it.

Mar. 27

Get married in Italy, it is still possible don’t stop dreaming about it, don’t stop planning your perfect wedding.

Everything will end and we’ll be ready for the new era of Wedding.

If your greatest wish is to get married in Italy, among the hills of Tuscany, or with a view of the sea of the Amalfi Coast, between history and tradition; then you must get married in Italy.

All this will end, it’s not me saying it, it’s not the televisions all over the world saying it, history teaches us that.

You have read it everywhere, we are in a world crisis, that will be an epochal turning point on our way of approaching life, from the most trivial things related to everyday life to more important things.


Our way of choosing, reacting and evaluating will no longer be the same.


As you know, at the moment in Italy we have very restrictive rules, the situation is really dramatic (I am of the opinion that things must be called by their name).


Every day, reading the news and following the bulletins issued by the government is horrible, it breaks your heart and gives me the measure of how serious this pandemic is.

A tiny virus has brought the world to its knees.


I didn’t think it was possible! This virus knows no geographical boundaries, no one is safe, smart governments, will play ahead and reduce the damage.

Here’s what I think, in no uncertain terms, without hiding behind goodness.


The good news, is that all this will end and we’ll get our lives back!

In this time of reflection, I didn’t stop; I reorganize the 2020 season, I start planning 2021 and since I have some time left, I think a lot and study a lot.


New concept of Wedding.

Studying is part of me, without it I would feel incomplete…

I’m studying today to prepare for the new concept of marriage.

I am convinced that after the Coronavirus experience, we will no longer be the same, values will change, tastes will change, the way we approach marriage will change.


Do you think I’m overreacting?

I don’t think so… and I’ll tell you my point of view.

Suddenly the whole world has stopped, our habits, which we took for granted, have been changed in time by a breath.

As tragic as the reason may be, we had the opportunity to shut down our engines and reflect.

That’s why we need to make this moment an opportunity for ourselves.


“The crisis can be a real blessing for every person and every nation, because it is precisely the crisis that brings progress. Creativity is born of anguish, just as the day is born of the dark night. It is in the crisis that inventiveness, discoveries and great strategies are born.”    (Albert Einstein)


I think that when we look inside, we will understand how many things that seemed vital to us until yesterday are not so important in the end; and those really important things like affection and health we’ve overlooked.

I believe that this moment of stand by, will bring order and make us better people and communities.

And so back to our wonderful marriages, I’ve been asking myself this question:

How will the bride and groom want them?

I won’t hide from you that I imagined thousands of possible scenarios, my imagination went beyond the known horizons and I was happy about it.

Brides 2020

The brides of 2020, who for technical reasons, have to reschedule their wedding date, will have the opportunity to review the details, to deepen arguments so as to make the wedding, in the new date, more engaging and spectacular.

It’s a great opportunity, don’t miss it and don’t let it pollute your heart and mante by anger or sadness; they are not friends of the wedding.

Brides 2021

Brides 2021 will be the 3.0 version, they will be the first, the pioneers of new trends, of a renewed philosophy behind the most traditional event in human history and will be able to give it new life.


I have made some evaluations and I believe that the new weddings 3.0 will be a sharing event, brides will have more attention to quality, hand made will be an essential trend.


Get married in Italy

I believe that get married in Italy will be the choice of many couples, precisely because you have the opportunity to share with your guests, important places for the couple, of particular beauty.

A Destination Wedding in Italy in fact, is much more than an event, you can live together with your guests much longer moments, you do not consume everything in one evening, but everything takes on a deeper and more intimate meaning and the party is magnificent!

Sharing also the discovery of a new place, a new nation, will be wonderful and exciting; a wedding with a trip around it…

Wedding is a trip that you live as a couple, and those who make destination wedding starts with a trip…

How weddings will be.

Maybe we’ll see (finally) the sunset of photocopy weddings, serial marriages, and soulless.

Everything will be resized, no choice will be casual or hasty, will be given to what you really love, the right importance.

I imagine a great attention to the emotional states that you want to evoke.

I think everything will be taken to a higher level of quality.

It’s possible that weddings will be celebrated in private houses or in places not specifically created for wedding parties.

I imagine that they will be thought of not only as a social event, but as an intimate party for the most important affections, in an intimate, jealous and wonderful sharing.

Mood Boards

Mood boards, may no longer be pillars around which to rotate the combinations of flowers or mise en place etc, but they will become a natural consequence of the emotions that the bride and groom will want to evoke.


The wedding party, could go from being a representation of the style and the way of being of the bride and groom, to a projection of their soul.


It goes from “from outside to inside” to “from inside to outside”.

from the exterior that represents the interior to the interior that propagates outside.

Here’s one of the scenarios that I imagine could happen after the virus crown in the magical world of weddings…


If you’d like, tell me your vision, your story…


Don’t stop dreaming, don’t stop programming.


The health emergency, it will pass and remain the wishes, plans and goals of your life.


Use this time to reschedule your priorities and bring the renewed style, back into your marriage.


Don’t stop planning your wedding but work to make your dreams come true, plan, organize everything in detail. This will make you feel alive and will be a way to have control over you and your environment. Get married in Italy is your great solution


I am at your complete disposal!


In this difficult moment, I will be available for free to all of you newlyweds (even if you are not my clients), who have planned your wedding in Italy; to help you to

  • reschedule,
  • answer your questions,
  •  give you advice
  • solve critical issues.


You may:


•  send me email to my address annamaria@myweddingaffair.com

•  follow me and write me on my social  profiles.


My priority will go to the wonderful women in white coats, who are in hospitals every day to save lives.


If you are looking for your inspiration to get married in Italy, Click Here

I hug you #stayathome

Anna Maria