Get Married in rome

Wedding in Italy

Rome is certainly a perfect backdrop for your Destination Wedding in Italy.

Capital of Italy, city of art and history, Rome, Eternal City and defined by the ancient “Caput Mundi”.


Famous all over the world for its monuments and its history;

you can walk with your guests in the Roman Forum, the Colosseum, down the stairs of Piazza di Spagna, admiring the fountain of the Barcaccia of Bernini; and make a wish come true by throwing a coin into the Trevi Fountain.


Rome is a perfect setting for your wedding abroad, the rich choice of locations, suggestive and unique sets for your wedding photos.

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You can choose historic villas, modern facilities with magnificent terraces with breathtaking views of the city, luxury hotels or typical restaurants with a family atmosphere, restaurants with Michelin Stars and real Italian cuisine.


Do not underestimate the presence of two airports, hotels and alternative solutions for accommodating your guests and a network of connections that covers the whole city.

In addition to your wedding we can also organize a whole series of activities and visits in the most beautiful places to propose to your guests in the days preceding or following the wedding; so to make him live an unforgettable stay.


In Rome you can celebrate Catholic weddings in the many beautiful churches of the city; you can choose the architectural style that suits your tastes.


Thanks to the presence of large Jewish and Protestant communities, you can choose a synagogue or an Orthodox church for your religious celebration.


For civil unions, the places to choose from are not less than the churches, the wedding halls of the Campidoglio, Caracalla or Villa Lais, are really beautiful.


For those who choose a Symbolic rite, the choice is virtually endless, surrounded by greenery in the garden of a villa, in a historic castle, or a terrace overlooking the “eternal city” and any other place is in line with your wishes.