Get Married in puglia

Wedding in Italy

This part of Italy is filled with beautiful architecture, pristine beaches and plenty of hotspots to have your Wedding Abroad.

Puglia offers different landscapes and always manages to surprise its visitors.

Look out and see in front of  Ostuni, also known as the “White City”; walk in the alleys of the historic centres and discover at the end of a narrow street, a view that leaves you breathless.

A region with unique architectural features, such as the famous trulli, white stone buildings in the shape of a cone, the greatest concentration is in the city of Alberobello.


Vinilia Wine Resort


Even the structures of some cities are extraordinary such as Locorotondo, a characteristic suburb of Puglia with a circular plan, known for the “cummerse”, typical houses with a sloping roof.

Puglia is known for its incredible cuisine options.

The cuisine in Puglia is an experience of the soul even before the palate.

Using typical products and traditional recipes, your wedding reception will be a unique surprise for you to your guests.

For your wedding, in Puglia you can choose different solutions according to your wishes.

The “Masserie”, ancient aristocratic houses that, thanks to renovation and redevelopment works, have become in recent years, luxury hotels with all the comforts imaginable.

Many farm owners are also producers of typical products such as olive oil, wine, and products that your guests can taste and buy; all to give you a complete experience of the tradition of this land.

Perfect for unforgettable weddings immersed in the flavors and colors of the land of Puglia.