Wedding Dress: How to make the best choice

Dic. 03

The most important choice for a bride is the Wedding Dress

My dear Brides, if you want to hear : ”the wedding dress chooses the bride”, or “when you try it, you feel that it is yours, and the emotion assails”



The Wedding Dress is not just a dress, it carries with it a load of expectations, it is ambitious, it is “the dress of your life” and the most important rule, is that it must fully represent You.

No matter how classic or extravagant it may be, it doesn’t matter if it’s mom’s or grandma’s or if it has feathers or sequins, it has to be your projection!


Wedding Dress is an iconographic element that represents the woman who wears it, enhances its style is experimentation and introspection.


I know it may sound too philosophical, but I prefer this kind of approach, which however abstract it may be, is certainly more analytical, than the more frequent one, which tells that the dress is chosen when the butterflies arrive in the stomach.

I know more brides,  you can imagine that, when the butterflies in the stomach flew away, they found themselves in a dress that did not represent them and then people have to run to the shelters… and it’s not cheap!!


The Variables

In my experience, the choice of the dress is made by a lot of variables, you have to pay attention to many aspects, for example: the cut, the color the fabrics, and more.


White Colour

You know, white doesn’t suit everyone?

Have you ever noticed that some brides, aren’t well with color white?

This happens because, to be “accepted” many brides cling to traditions at the expense of their uniqueness;

let’s say it,… each of us is unique!!

Sometimes it happens that you brides lack expert advice, which resolves doubts and is able to propose good alternative solutions, which help you professionally.


Are you finding yourselves as you have read so far?

Well continue reading…



Let’s talk about fabrics, on which we could write whole chapters of a book, but I will try to synthesize as much as possible.

The fabrics are the first protagonists of experimentation, mixing, matching fabric is a true art;

 only the most daring materials succeed in exalting the shapes and colors bringing them closer to the concept of masterpiece…


Dare beyond the schemes until you find your perfect fit, which makes you feel at ease by doing justice to your personality and your unique beauty.


In my perfect ideal wedding dress is made to measure, and designed for each Woman.


It is not impossible, in Italy we have besides the big and established brands that always maintain an artisanal approach of wedding dress, you can still find small Ateliers in which wonderful designers, craftsmen and tailors made their wonderful job.


They have their own workshops and from the sketch to the choice of fabrics, everything is absolutely customizable.


Handmade Wedding Dress

Stylist, Tailors and Model Makers, work on every single dress; in some of these workshops the fabrics, are hand-dyed to get the exact nuance, there are no Pantone colors!

This is perfection for me, and it is a wonderful world, in these creative workshops blends the great Italian tailoring tradition, that always inspire also the High Fashion and the Haute Couture. R

ecognized all over the world, with experimentation, research and attention to the person.

When I can, I go to the back rooms of these wonderful designers, (who I know, they let me do it), to look at the sketches, touch the fabrics and look admired a wedding dress that is born.

I love it very much, and it’s one of the reasons that makes me choose my job every day.


There is nothing more unconventional and extraordinary than representing yourself being magnificently at ease.

If you need advice on choosing your wedding dress, if you are looking for the right designer for you, you can ask me for advice! Use my Wedding Concierge service.



Anna Maria