Wedding Dress 2021, Designers Proposals

The Wedding Dress, the most important choice for all the Brides in the world.   This article is addressed to all Women, future brides 2021, who during the quarantine have gone through a million moods. After analyzing the chances of success, after a period of uncertainties, anxieties and...


Don’t stop dreaming, don’t stop planning the future.

Everything will end and we'll be ready for the new era of Wedding.   All this will end, it's not me saying it, it's not the televisions all over the world saying it, history teaches us that.   You have read it everywhere, we are in a world crisis,...


What if your Wedding Party merged with a Show?

I'll tell you "A Night on Broadway", the "Dinner Show Event" by the famous Italian Flower Designer Federica Ambrosini.       Monday requires you to sit back down and write, write to tell you what I did last Friday night.   Have a cup of tea, a detox tea or even a very...


Why should you have a Wedding First Look

In this article I will explain why, you should consider doing a First Look at your Wedding. I'm not going to talk to you about the fact, that it's becoming a trend in the wedding world.   I'm going to show you the emotional and practical advantages that...