A Wedding Package, for your Wedding in Italy

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Wedding Package, All Inclusive, Free Services…

No Thanks, “Wedding Package” it’s not my choose, for your  Wedding in Italy


In this post, I will explain why weddings packages are not my style and in my philosophy.


We will see the advantages of weddings built on you and your way of being, away from pre-packaged schemes. 


Organizing a Wedding Abroad is not like organizing a wedding in your own city.

Organizing a wedding abroad, in Italy, requires 3 main characteristics: 



But let’s go by order…


When I started doing this job (I’m a wedding planner specializing in destination wedding, if you still had any doubts),

I knew what I would never propose to my future clients.

The famous WEDDING PACKAGES  [pre-filled packages for brides and grooms].

I don’t like this kind of solution for myself; in my life I made just one trip, organized with a standardized package and it was a disaster.

I did not have fun, nothing respected my way of being and I felt “imprisoned” in a stereotype that someone else had decided for me.

My aversion to the conventional, led me to make this entrepreneurial choice, certainly out of the ordinary.


The easiest thing (and I can assure you that it is), is to receive the contact from a potential customer, ask him|her few questions, to understand in which package “cage” him|her and send a quote in 24 hours, with the cost of services. 

I often hear the phrase: “For the bride and groom it’s easier”

as if: brides and grooms, don’t know what they want and we have to tell them!

No I don’t belong to this strategy.

I have developed my own method that I called  Troubleshooting Method”.

 Together with the bride and groom, we build STEP BY STEP, everything that marriage needs. 

  • We set goals 
  • Let’s proceed with order 
  • Let’s see how to organize cooperation,
  • build a project that will come to life in the following months.


We take the time to understand the needs, identify the needs, study each individual supplier and evaluate how they will all fit together and find the ideal solution.

We will take the time to do a high value job.

I spend many hours in the analysis phase, I do a screening of the many possible suppliers, I select a small number of them and I make my proposal to the bride and groom.

We make an exciting journey together, for this reason a very intense relationship of trust is established.

Only in this way can I guarantee to you the right importance you deserve, only in this way can we have a real Exclusive Wedding.

Have you ever wondered what an Exclusive Wedding really means?

I have asked myself this many times…especially when I see that this phrase, is among the most clicked on this topic on the web.

I tell you what I mean for  exclusive wedding.


A wedding is EXCLUSIVE, when it is designed exclusively around the bride and from, around their wishes, needs and expectations of the bride and groom.


Exclusive is not the setting copied from the glossy magazine covers; those are exclusive for someone else, that weddings are designed for someone else.

Exclusive is not a synonym for expensive.

It’s not exclusive when somebody tell you: location, dinner, music and set ups are INCLUTED!!

That’s why I said NO to everything that was thought of by someone else, I SAY NO TO THE WEDDING PACKAGES.


I know it is not an easy choice!! 

[If you are still reading this article, I can begin to hypothesize that you are looking for a wedding tailor-made wedding!]

If you are thinking of planning your Wedding in Italy, you will have started your research on the web: 


  • where to get married
  • read everything you find on the experiences of those who are made your own choice 
  • and above all understand what the costs are.



As for the places where to get married, on the web there is everything and Italy helps a lot in this, we have in the beautiful country a variety of settings and suggestions to be able to propose, which make us second to none.


If you want to deepen this topic I invite you to read: Why is it worth to have your big Wedding Affair in Italy


But as for the wedding packages also in this case, don’t stop to look only at the “famous” venues, or the most advertised ones.

Query the web from different points of view, with different queries, or ask your wedding planner, about alternatives searched, less inflated, that meet your expectations;

I’m sure you will have pleasant surprises.

You would find peculiarities you didn’t imagine, discover solutions you didn’t know you needed and why not, you could save some money! (which you never mind).

As far as web searches are concerned, I’ll tell you one thing (many people know, it’s not a secret, but maybe you haven’t thought about it…); when you search on Google, keep in mind that the algorithm, always shows you things in line with your perceived tastes and your searches, and proposes things from one point of view.

In practice, we always see the same things. 

Be wise and always try to do different research, so that you can have different answers that will give you a wider view, and yours will be a real choice and will be more aware.

Having the opportunity to choose is a privilege.

If you can have the best for you, why settle for it?

I understand that choosing a wedding package, gives you immediate visibility of the costs, and I understand that organizing the wedding in a country far from yours puts some anxiety.

You feel the need to keep everything under control and not find yourself in the situation of not being satisfied.


I think that these doubts, should not affect your choices, you will end up settling for what is certain in the immediate future and you will miss all the wonderful options you can aspire to.

A marriage organized methodically, and in an analytical and orderly way, will not cost you more (I know you are thinking it), indeed with a global vision, you will have the possibility to find many solutions and even save money.

You will be able to have the costs under control, just choose the professionals suitable for you; people with whom you share the aesthetic sense, with whom you find feeling and who know how to listen to you.

That’s why at the beginning I told you that:

who organizes a wedding abroad needs 3 fundamental characteristics, remember? 

• Spirit of adventure:

to take a plunge into what you don’t know and face challenges, to reach an extraordinary goal.

• Love for beauty:

to represent your own sense of beauty in marriage, finding a context that can frame it perfectly.

• Ability to analyze:

(the most important from my point of view) to know how to choose the right people with whom to share this extraordinary experience and place your trust.


If you have read this far, it means that you are determined to organize your wedding abroad.

I hope that the idea of doing it in Italy will grow stronger and stronger in you, because I love my country and I like to share its beauty and traditions with the whole world.

I have tried in this article to give you some useful information, to organize your wedding in Italy and also to give you some ideas to reflect and make conscious choices, to live this experience in the most serene way possible and without stress.

Remember: “the secret lies in the people” choose the ones best suited to you and you will not make mistakes.

If you want to share this experience with other couples who, have made your choice, you can join the community that I created GET MARRIED IN ITALY and share in absolute freedom, everything you want.

To have your immediate access CLICK HERE.

I hug you 



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